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System 3000 Swinging Panel Displays
Versatile, adaptable Multiplex System 3000 Large Panel Displays fit almost anywhere you need extra display space.For example, with a System 3000 Display, if you have just eight to ten feet of floor or wall space you can gain hundreds of new feet of display area.

This flexible system is available in a variety of panel sizes, panel supports, and colors to accommodate a wide range of items, from flat materials to dimensional products. You can also choose from three different display surfaces including vinyl covered tackboard, display loop fabric, and painted pegboard.

A freestanding floor model offers the easiest installation. Simply attach the support legs to the back section/brace, adjust leveling glides and add panels.

The more economical wall-mounted unit requires a load-bearing wall, which can support the weight of the display plus merchandise. Contact your contractor or architect to confirm suitability.

To create the system that best suits your needs, read “How To Plan Your System 3000.”

Businesses of All Types Benefit from System 3000

  • Maximize retail selling space for crafts, card-packed merchandise, auto parts and accessories, and more.
  • Create an easily accessible information center for maps, charts, plans, blueprints and other frequently referenced materials.
  • Post technical drawings, safety procedures, training and instructional materials on-site in manufacturing facilities.
  • Display photographs, awards, posters and memorabilia in a lobby, conference area, vestibule, library or other public area.

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    Shipped in 1-2 weeks

    Shipped in 3-4 weeks

    Light Gray Vinyl Tackboard Full-Size Panels
    Light Gray Vinyl Tackboard Full-Size Panels
    With light gray frame. Model VT-456-G. . .  $678.40

    10-Panel Loop Fabric Wall Display 40"W x 48"H (Model 80-U-10-LM)
    10-Panel Loop Fabric Wall Display 40"W x 48"H (Model 80-U-10-LM)
    With Multiglas™. Model 80-U-10-LM.. . .  $4,623.50

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