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System 3000 Swinging Panel Displays --> Panel Supports Wall - Expanded Options --> 60" Wall Panel Supports (Part #227186)

60" Wall Panel Supports (Part #227186)
Price: $408.00

60" Wall Panel Supports (Part #227186)


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Product Description:
Economically priced, our wall-mounted System 3000 provides a permanent showcase for your display materials. Unit must be attached to a load-bearing wall capable of supporting the weight of the display plus merchandise. (Contact your contractor or architect to confirm suitability.)

This steel wall support has an overall length of 60", and the back brace features 30 holes for hanging display panels. Designed for maximum flexibility, the 2" o.c. pivot spacing accommodates all panel spacing requirements, and allows you to change spacing without any changes to the support base. Includes adjustable end stops to maintain proper viewing angle for end panels at any position on support. (Floor model shown in picture.)

When ordering, be sure to choose your preferred frame color from the pull-down menu above. Read "How To Plan Your System 3000" for guidelines on creating your ideal display.

Part #167800.

Wall Frame Color Legend:

Black (BK)

Light Gray (LG)

Beige (BE)

White (WT)

Charcoal (CC)


Shipped in 1-2 weeks

Shipped in 3-4 weeks

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