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System 3000 Swinging Panel Displays --> Panel Assemblies Floor or Wall - Expanded Options --> 48"W x 72"H Display Loop Fabric Panels (Part #166820)

48"W x 72"H Display Loop Fabric Panels (Part #166820)
Price: $682.00

48"W x 72"H Display Loop Fabric Panels (Part #166820)


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Product Description:
A colorful alternative, display loop panels are available in nine color choices to match any décor. Velcro-like fabric is mounted over tackboard, for quick posting and rearrangement of materials with convenient hook tab circles, hook tape or push pins.

These 48"W x 72"H panels are sold individually and can be used with our floor panel supports (Part #166340) or with any of our wall-mounted supports.

Before ordering, select your preferred fabric color and steel frame color from the pull-down menus above. Also, be sure to choose a panel separator length. Separators (included with your panel purchase) provide proper spacing between swinging panels so that merchandise displayed on adjacent panels does not touch when the panels are turned.

For information on choosing panel separators and creating your ideal display, read "How To Plan Your System 3000."

Also available:
48" x 84" Display Loop Fabric Panels
36" x 72" Display Loop Fabric Panels
30" x 72" Display Loop Fabric Panels

Part #166820.

Panel Separators Legend:


2 1/4"

3 5/8"

5 1/2"

6 5/8"


Support Frame Color Legend:

Black (BK)

Light Gray (LG)

Beige (BE)

Charcoal (CC)

White (WT)

Fabric Color Legend:

Red (RD)

White (WH)

Charcoal (CC)

Black (BK)

Blue (BL)

Yellow (YL)

Green (GRN)

Beige (BE)

Silver (SVR)


Shipped in 1-2 weeks

Shipped in 3-4 weeks

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